Damongo MP Visit Rainstorm Victims

The Member of Parliament for the Damongo Constituency of the Savannah region has pay a visit to a rain storm disaster victims at Damongo to ascertain the extend of damage caused.

Mr Jinapor who doubles as the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources visited the area together with his wife and some members of his party to sympathise with the victim on Sunday.

Some three people were treated at the hospital for minor injuries, while some 750 residents have been rendered homelessness after one of the heaviest downpours on last Wednesday at the Savannah regional capital.

In all a hundred and ten homes and fifteen businesses were badly damaged by the storm which occurred on last Wednesday.

Interacting with the victims Mr Abu Jinapor vowed to stand by them all the time.

He promised to help them immediately to cushion the adverse effects of the storm while they await assistance from the government through its Natural Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO).

The West Gonja District director of NADMO debunked some claims leveled against the organisation for giving people only materials for short time use but does not aid in getting lives back to normal for victims.

Mr Bavug Adam said ”That is why NADMO most of the time takes a bit of time before they respond to the issue. We come to assess your situation what you need. There are some people whose foodstuff are damaged so what you need is a bag of rice or some oil.That is what you need. “

He continued “There are some people who need roofing sheets, there are some people who need roofing nails to put back the zinc on their building so you look at the situation and you attend to the person appropriately. But that it is not always that you give the person bucket but when the situation demands you have give the person the bucket, blanket, the mattress for the person to be safe again.”

A victim whose building was ripped off said they were fast asleep when the winds started and carried away their roof leaving them to the mercy of the rain.

She indicated she now shares a single room with her grown up men and their wives and called for immediate assistance.

Another victim, a grinding mill operator said the wind had collapsed his business following the destruction of his grinding motor and electricity cables.

Other victims shared similar challenges and appealed for assistance from the government and other benevolent societies.

Source: tamaleonline.net | Hafiz Iddrisu

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