Dagombas are not hot-tempered – Awal Mohammed

The Minister-nominee for Tourism, Arts and Culture has downplayed assertions that persons from the Northern region have temperamental issues.

He indicated during his vetting that people misconstrue the ‘strong headedness’ of people from the northern regions particularly Dagombas to be quick-tempered. 

Giving a historical view of account of why Dagombas have such traits, Awal Mohammed stated that during the colonial era, the Dagombas served as the fighting arm of the Dagbon society. 

“Dangombas are known to be warriors of Dagbon. We led the colonial wars. In trying to interpret us as warriors, they say we are hot-tempered. We are just warriors and strong-headed not hot-tempered,” he said.

Awal Mohammed was responding to a question from the Member of Parliament for Asawase, Muntaka Mubarak. 

The Minority Chief asked the nominee if he is aware of such perception about people from the north particularly Dagombas. 

Awal Mohammed said that he is aware but clarified that the notion is erroneous.

Source: Ghana Web

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