Dagbon to review 1930 Constitution

The Dagbon Constitutional Review Committee (DCRC) is calling on stakeholders to send in proposals as it prepares to review and amend the 1930 Dagbon Constitution.

According to the committee, “Dagbon has evolved and changed in many ways over the past ninety years since the constitution was written and has therefore outgrown the latter.”

The committee, in a statement, is therefore calling on interested stakeholders to send in their proposals via WhatsApp on 0241385554 or email at dcrcsecretariat@gmail.com.

The committee, set up by Ndan Ya Na Abukari II, in a statement explained that the call for proposals is with the view “to enrich the process and make it all inclusive.”

The decision to review the contents of the Dagbon 1930 Constitution is with the view to determine provisions that have become wholly obsolete and inapplicable in modern times; amending some provisions to make them more compatible with current realities as well as retaining provisions that have remained valid without requiring changes.

Furthermore, the second aspect of the exercise is to expand the constitution to cater for the current needs and aspirations of Dagbon, including consolidating peace and reconciliation; management of chieftaincy disputes; enhancing the security of the Dagbon territory and its people and ensuring peaceful co-existence among all ethnic groups within Dagbon and with its neighbours.

Others are to foster collaboration between traditional rulers and national law enforcement agencies; define development priorities of Dagbon in areas such as infrastructure, education, health, water, sanitation, agriculture, industry, youth development etc.; and harnessing efforts in collaboration with government towards achieving them.

Deadline for submission of proposals is December 31, 2020.

The composition of the DCRC include Naa Yaba Kuya-Naa Abdulai II; Naa Yaba Sunson-Naa Shani Hamidu II; Naa Yaba Gushe-Naa Shetobu Abdulai I; Naa Yaba Tolon-Naa Abubakari I; Naa Yaba Kumbum-Naa Yiri II Alhaji Iddrisu Abu; Naa Yaba Nanton-Naa Mahamadu V; Naa Bakpem Kar-Naa Nantogmah and Naa Bakpem Yoo-Naa Abdulai V.

Other members are Naa Bapra Mion-Lana Abdulai III; Naa Bapra Sagnar-Naa Ambassador Yakubu; Naa Bapra Chereponi-Fame Nanyame Kofi Malba; Naa Bapra Sabob-Naa Uchababor John Mateer Bowan; Naa Bapra Nakpale-Naa Gariba Yankosor II; Naa Bapra Kukon-Lana Abdulai; Naa Bapra Zankpaling-Lana Dr. Yakubu II; and Naa Yaba Namo-Naa Ayuba.

Story By: Nii Adjei Mensahfio | Daily Guide

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