CYG-NPP Writes To Bawumia: “Chairman Samba’s indiscipline, violent tendencies might affect Breaking The 8 agenda”

9th December, 2021.

H. E. Alhaji Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia

Vice President of the Republic Of Ghana

Jubilee House, Kanda, Accra 

Digital Address: GA-000-288


Dear Vice President Dr Bawumia


We will start by listing few of many projects which Chairman Samba abandoned or half executed or failed to complete in time. Nantong district assembly complex, he failed to complete it in time, Zogbeli inner city roads, he failed to complete in time, Sagnarigu district assembly road, he abandoned it, UDS Nyankpala campus to Gbullung road, he abandoned it, Chereponi inner city roads, he abandoned them, Bimbilla to chamba road, he abandoned it, just to mention but a few of his abandoned or half completed projects. Your Excellency, this attitude of Chairman Samba abandoning contracts which mobilizations have been paid to him will negativity affect the effort the party is putting to break the 8 in 2024  general election.

Residents of the aforementioned communities in which these abandoned or half completed projects are located are getting irritated of this behavior of chairman Samba and Zogbeli is a clear example. There is no denial of the fact that the final effect of this negative behavior of Chairmen Samba is making himself, you and the NPP unpopular in the Northern regions. The general believe is that you are the one Shielding him from this indiscipline he is perpetuating which we knew is far from the truth. But the reality is that this believe has enormous potency of affecting your bid and the party’s chance in 2024 election. Even though we do not care about his diminishing popularity but we care about yours and our great party. There is an old Dagbani adage that goes “The neck is not exempted from the blood flow of an injured head it carries.”

Your Excellency, the Zogbeli inner city roads which were supposed to finish before 2020 elections are almost a year beyond the schedule completion date and have become a tag of war between chairman Samba and residents of Zogbeli. If a proper report was to be carried on Zogbeli, one will have discovered an increase in malaria cases due to stagnant water in the shoddily constructed gutters of Chairman Samba in the area. And if care is not taking opposing factions (supporters of Samba and those opposed to the shoddy work he is doing) will clash in Zogbeli.

Your Excellency, the Nantong district assembly which was awarded to Chairman Samba at the same time as the Bolgatanga East assembly complex is now half a year beyond it completion date. Whilst the Bolgatanga East assembly building was completed in time, commissioned by your boss H. E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo in sometime June this year and is in used, the Nantong district assembly workers are struggling for space to operate in. Your Excellency, between Bolgatanga East district assembly and Nantong district assembly which one is likely to increase productivity. Your guess is as good as ours.

Your Excellency, we are not only calling on you to call Chairman Samba to order but to also send a fact finding delegation to check on all these projects and report back to you. Also let this delegation find out how these abandoned projects affected the party’s chances in these communities in the 2020 election and how possible it would affect the party in the 2024 election. We have no doubt that the conclusion they will come to is that Chairman Samba has done the NPP and it parliamentary candidates a great disservice by not completing those projects which were supposed to be completed before the 2020 elections. He is making NPP unpopular and it would negativity hunt you in the NPP flagbearership race or the party in the 2024 general election.

Your Excellency, another praising issue that we want to draw your attention to before we tell you how violent Chairman Samba has become is the recent asphalting of roads in Tamale Metropolis. It is a fact that H. E. Nana Addo’s government has performed marvelously with your help when it comes to road infrastructures in the country. It is again a fact that the government’s “YEAR OF ROADS” which we believed has ended benefited a lot of communities across the northern regions but same cannot be said of NPP strongholds in the Tamale metropolis such as Zogbeli, Aboabo and Lamakara.

Your Excellency, none of the existing inner city roads of these NPP’s strongholds in the metropolis benefited from this asphalting even though these areas were earmark to benefit from it. Your Excellency, less than 30 percent of Lamakara inner city roads are tarred. What crime have we committed such that our areas are exempted from these important exercises? Your Excellency, we put this before your doorsteps for your kind consideration.

Your Excellency, Chairman Samba thinks he has grown to a wild political beast and therefore no one can criticize him. His plans to unleash his thugs on party activists who criticize him will soon spell doom for the party because we are not going to stop criticizing him as far as he remains in politics. Your Excellency, we will not be able to write much on this issue but we entreat you to enquire from party elders in northern region, his plans to destabilize the party in the region through violent tendencies have reached their doorsteps.

To conclude your Excellency, we wish you instruct Chairman Samba to complete all abandoned projects awarded to him to avert the tag of war we are currently witnessing in Zogbeli from happening in other places. Your Excellency, we will also advise you call chairman Samba to order to avert the possibility of him destabilizing the unity and peace the party is currently enjoying. We can assure you any move to subvert free speech in our party will not be tolerated and it may possible lead to violence in the party in the northern regions. Your Excellency do not bother to reply, just do the needful by calling him to order.

Sincerely Yours,


Napadow Clifford Atchulo

(Secretary Concerned Youth Groups-NPP-NR)  

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