Covid-19: Religious services to commence Friday, 5th June

For the first time in almost three months, religious activities are set to resume effective Friday, 5th June, 2020 amid the steady increase of Covid-19 cases.

Places of worship (Churches and Mosques) were closed since March as part of measures to contain the spread of Covid-19.

President Akuffo-Addo in a televised National Address Sunday night directed for religious services to commence under strict protocols.

He said worshipers should put on their face mask and observe the one (1) meter rule of social distancing.

According to him, congregants can now worship with 25% attendance (not exceeding 100 persons).

“An abridged format for religious services can commence. Twenty-five percent (25%) attendance, with a maximum number of one hundred (100) congregants, can worship at a time in church or at the mosque, with a mandatory one metre rule of social distancing between congregants.”

He continued “In addition to the mandatory wearing of masks for all persons at all times in churches and mosques, a register of names and contact details of all worshippers and hand washing facilities and sanitisers must be provided, with a maximum duration of one (1) hour for each service.”


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