Coronavirus: Hassan Ayariga urges Akuffo-Addo to lockdown Ghana

Founder/Leader of the All People’s Congress (APC), Dr. Hassan Ayariga has expressed the need for government to lockdown the country with immediate effect.

The number of the positive test cases of the deadly coronavirus disease in Ghana is 24 with one death recorded in the Ashanti Region.

President Akuffo-Addo orded the closure of borders (land, air and sea), schools have also been shutdown and public gathering including conferences, workshops, religious activities, sports, funerals, wedding etc being suspended.

Dr. Ayariga in a statement Monday, disputed the figure indicating the number of people with the virus are more than what is in the public domain.

“So I think there should be an immediate shutdown. The data we have now about infected people is not accurate, we really need to take this matter serious,”

he argued.

He continued “Let’s assume that 15% percent of Ghanaians have the Virus, what do we do. Let’s all contribute money, resources, Human Resources and not wait for some $100m coming from Government.”

However, Dr Hassan Ayariga called for more efforts in education, control and preventive measures to protect Ghanaians against the Covid-19 virus.

Source:|Yakubu Malititi

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