City Authorities Asleep As Filth Takes Over Major Streets In Tamale

It appears city authorities in charge of sanitation in the Tamale Metropolis are on holidays or probably on leave as the city center is engulfed with massive filth.

The Tamale-Bolga highway right in front of the Tamale main bus terminal has been turn into a waste disposal site as a huge chunk garbage is spread across both sides of the highway Sunday morning.

The situation posses serious environmental and health issues for the thousands of motorist and pedestrians who ply the route every single day.

However, it appears authorities in charge of ensuring the waste is collected along the major streets and highways in the Tamale Metropolis are on a holiday as uncollected refuse remain an eye-saw in town.

TamaleOnline.Net checks at the area and there are no waste bins to the dump waste generated in the city.

Meanwhile, Iddrisu Musah Superior, Metropolitan Chief Executive of the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly as part of his Tamale Project to ensure sanity in the city highlights on ensuring a clean environment in his jurisdiction.

Also, UNICEF is also reported to have donated huge sum of money to fix the sanitation situation in the city but it appears there’s little or no effort to savage the predicament.

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