Bring back our Constituency Chairman or prepare for party’s final funeral rights – Mion NDC Supporters

Some aggrieved NDC supporters in the Mion Constituency have vowed to leave the party en bloc, if the party fails to reinstate the deposed constituency chairman of the NDC. 

The supporters described the decision of the Functional Executive Committee of the NDC to remove the chairman from his office as a well orchestrated plan by the former Member of Parliament, Mohammed Abdul Aziz and some Northern Regional Executives of the party to sack the NDC Chairman in order to pave the way for him to stage a comeback in the 2024 Elections. 

On Monday the National Democratic Congress (NDC) announced the decision of its Northern Regional Functional Executive Committee to remove its Mion Constituency Chairman from office. 

It also banned the chairman, Alhaji Abdulai Zakaria from holding office for two years. 

The decision was arrived at, after the party’s disciplinary committee found him guilty of “breach of Oath of Office as provided in article 48(8) of the NDC constitution”. 

In April, some members of the NDC filed a petition against the Chairman for anti party conduct, and behavior contributing to the NDCs lost of the Mion seat, with an attached audio recording on which the Chairman is heard encouraging voters to vote against the NDCs interest.

The party Chairman, according to the NDC admitted to being the one captured in the audio recording, plotting the defeat of the former NDC MP for the area, Mohammed Abdul Aziz. 

However, the angry party supporters say his removal will lead to the collapse of the NDC in the constituency. 

Addressing a news conference in Sang on Thursday, the angry supporters claimed the decision to remove the NDC Chairman was “not only unfortunate but also unpopular and cannot ensure unity, cohesion and victory for NDC in 2024”. 

Spokesperson for the youth, Weisu Mohammed Hardi told journalists the signatories of the petition that was used as basis to remove the chairman were faked, claiming that the lead petitioner allegedly admitted to faking the signatures. 

“The lead petitioner himself admitted during cross examination to have faked those signatories. This admission by the lead petitioner, one Mohammed Abukari was enough to have caused the disciplinary committee to throw out the entire petition” he claimed. 

He appealed to the national leadership of the party to intervene and ensure the deposed chairman to be reinstated or witness the collapse of the party in the constituency. 

“We are appealing to the National Executive Council, National Council of Elders and Regional Council of Elders to take a second but closer look at this decision and help reverse it within the shortest possible time to avoid the performance of the party’s final funeral rites in the constituency” Mr Mohammed Hardi said.

Story By: Mumuni Yirifa Yunus

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