Ahmed Suale Is Not A Rascal, Leave Him To Rest Peacefully- Family To Kennedy Agyapong

Family of late Tiger Eye PI Journalist, Ahmed Suale is appealing to government and other state institutions to restrain the Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong from further tainting the image of their late beloved son.

Ahmed Hussein-Suale was murdered in January 2019 at Madina, suburb of Accra 7 months after the outspoken politician splashed images of the undercover journalist on live television.

Mr. Agyapong, a suspect in the assassination of the investigative journalist in series of media commentary opined he once payed the school fees of the deceased in 2012 and refers to him as a “bad boy” and a “criminal”.

However, the family late Ahmed Hussein at a media briefing earlier this morning debunked those claims and says the family will not be held responsible should anything happen to the Assin Central Legislator for his inhumane utterances.

Mustapha Iddrisu, spokesperson for the family who addressed the media says the Member of Parliament will be responsible should anything happen to the family late Ahmed Suale in seeking legal justice for their son.

“SUALE is one of many graduates in the family and all his siblings are sponsored from within the family resources. It has to be noted that our son entered the University of Ghana in the academic year of 2008/2009 and graduated in the year 2012. Curiously, the family solely paid the school fees of SUALE for three academic years of his studies (2008/2009, 2009/2010, 2010/2011), but the MP is suggesting that the family could not afford the fees for his last academic year‘s (2011/2012) fees?” Mr Iddrisu quizzed.

The family has also warned Mr. Agyapong to allow their son to rest in eternal peace and to desist from his provocative comments about Hussein-Suale.

Mr. Iddrisu added that the family is tired and unhappy with Mr. Agyapong’s constant rants attacks to dent the hard earned reputation of Ahmad Hussein-Suale.

We are appealing to Mr. Agyepong to allow the innocent soul of our son, father and brother to rest in eternal peace. We consider his latest attempt at dragging the name of one of the widows of our late son into his state of anarchy as an utter provocation. We have had enough of his hate for SUALE and his conscious diabolical posturing.

“He worked hard, contributed to naming, shaming and jailing of corrupt and bad persons around the world and particularly in Ghana. He did an honest job and earned a living.” he stressed.

GHS100,000 Bounty On Ahmed’s Murderers

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong after vehemently resisting any involvement in the killing of Ahmed Hussein-Suale placed whopping GHS100,000 bounty for anybody has valid information about the murderers.

However, Ahmed’s family is of a strong conviction that Mr. Agyapong’s supposed gesture is not only descriptive but an attempt to divert the attention of the public from the substantive issues.

“The family holds the view that the decision of Mr. Agyepong to place One Hundred Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHC 100,000.00) bounty on the killers of our late son is not only deceptive but an exacerbated obstruction to divert the attention of the general public and change the face of the on—going in vestigation by the security agencies.”

Mustapha Iddrisu on behalf of the family further indicated that…. “We are really offended by this act of Kennedy Agyepong and decry same. It is an insult to the conscience Of the family that a man who called for harm to be visited on our son WOuld only turn around a few months down the line after that call for harm has been overly subscribed, to say, he is placing a bounty on the head of those who may have acted on his call or gotten leads thereby to carry out the act. We call on the general public and the media, world—over to ignore such rants and to not further avail their esteemed platforms for such cacophony.”

By: Abdul-Hanan|TamaleOnline.Net

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