Actor, Mr Ibu, ‘begs’ investors to support ‘dying’ Dagbani Movie Industry

Popular Ghanaian actor, Adam Muftaw (Mr. Ibu) says the Dagbani Movie Industry is on its knees and needs urgent support from investors to thrive.

Speaking to Imoro Sherifa of Sanatu Zambang, Mr. Ibu urged political leaders, philanthropist and industry players to invest in the local movies for the industry to catch up with the rest of world in the production of good quality movies.

According to the Saka Chibi actor, the sector is lacking behind due to financial constraints, marketing, technology and promotion wise.

“There are great talents in the North who have the potentials. But due to the lack of support systems, the industry is lacking behind,”

Mr. Ibu lamented.

Mr. Ibu believes investment in the sector vibrant and competitive, and also has the tendency of reducing uneploymennt in the Northern Region.

However, Mr. Ibu also raised the issue of piracy and suggests a taskforce or better system should be put in place check illegal uploads and downloads of movies online.

He therefore appealed to perforns with IT background to assist the movie industry in social media marketing of their works online for revenue generation.


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