Abu Jinapor never offered rice to any youth group – Busunu NPP Polling Station Executives

NPP polling station executives of Busunu in the Damongo constituency of the Savannah Region have dispelled reports that the youth wing of the party rejected rice allegedly offered them by the Member of Parliament for the area, Hon. Abu Jinapor in a widely circulated video.

Mr. Adoshi John Nduodu who addressed the media on behalf of the executives opined that the said bags of rice were meant for the chiefs, clan heads and elders of the town and its surrounding communities which is an annual ritual which he (Abu Jinapor) carries out on the occasion of Eid-ul Adha even before he became their Member of Parliament.

According to him, it is therefore, strange that a group of people, who are not the beneficiaries of the said donation, or anywhere linked to it, will claim to have rejected same. 

The achievements of the MP even before he assumed his present office according to Mr. Adoshi John Nduodu, is tremendous and cut across every facet of life. 

In the area of Education, he revealed that Hon. Jinapor has from his own resources, donated motorbikes to volunteer teachers in the constituency and gives them monthly allowance to motivate them in their work at various schools that have no teachers from GES. 

Mr. Adoshi John Nduodu added that the MP donated hundred (100) bicycles to students around the Busunu community, “who hitherto, were walking miles to access education in Busunu”.

He stressed that the MP has also donated an ambulance to the Busunu health centre to facilitate health care delivery in the community coupled with his provision of farm inputs and the engagement of the services of tractors to plough for farmers to boost their yield. 

All these interventions in their address to the media were undertaken and continue to execute way before his election as the MP for the Damongo constituency. 

Find below the presser:


Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, 

We called you to today’s Press Conference to address an incident that featured on social media about a week ago, alleging that the youth in this Community, Busunu, rejected rice delivered to them by our hardworking Member of Parliament, Hon. Samuel A. Jinapor.

As you are aware, in the heat of the allegations, the Constituency Chairman issued a short Statement, debunking these claims. Besides this terse statement, we have held our peace, for matters to settle, so that we can set the records straight on matters pertaining to the said video. 

We also take note of the fact that the people who were said to have rejected the rice, have since apologised to the Hon. MP and the chiefs and elders of the Busunu Community. 

Friends from the Media, the fact is that our Honourable MP, never donated or offered rice to any youth or youth group in Busunu, or anywhere in the Constituency. 

As it is customary, on the celebration of the festival of sacrifice and generosity, the feast of Eid al Adha, the Honourable MP made donations to the chiefs, queenmothers, elders and Imams of the various communities in the Constituency, Busunu inclusive. This custom is practiced across the country and it is well established in Ghana.

This is not the first time the Hon. MP has made such donations. It is an annual ritual Hon. Jinapor has been performing long before he became the Member of Parliament of this Constituency. This year’s donation was therefore not new. It is, therefore, strange that a group of people, who are not the beneficiaries of the said donation, or anywhere linked to it, will claim to have rejected same. Persons who were not recipients cannot, therefore, reject such items. 

Hon. Abu Jinapor has, since becoming the Member of Parliament for this Constituency, and even before, been working very hard to ensure the development of the Constituency and constituents. 

His contribution to the development of Damongo and its impact is huge and felt across the Constituency. But you will all appreciate, that unemployment generally, and youth unemployment in particular, is an age-old problem in our country and indeed, Africa as a whole. Since assumption of office, the Government of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has been working seriously to deal with this age-old problem. 

This has seen several people recruited into the public services of our country and the private sector, others have been assisted to set up their own enterprises. These recruitments have been fair, transparent and based on merit. The people and youth of Damongo have benefitted from these employment opportunities. Busunu had its fair share of such employment opportunities and there is evidence to support this claim. 

Hon. Jinapor has, over the years, undertaken several physical developmental projects, including educational infrastructure, boreholes, and indeed, facilitated the construction of a multi-purpose shea processing factory in Busunu. He has plans to facilitate even more infrastructure in the Constituency and plans are actually far advanced to establish an SHS in Busunu. The construction of these infrastructure brings direct and indirect jobs in the communities. 

Apart from these physical infrastructure, Hon. Jinapor, in his bid to support education in the Constituency, has from his own resources, provided motor bikes to volunteer teachers in the Constituency and gives them monthly allowance to motivate them in their work. Most of these schools have no teachers from GES, and have to rely on these volunteers to ensure that children in these communities are not deprived of their fundamental right to education.Apart from the teachers, he has given hundred (100) bicycles to students around the Busunu community, who, hitherto, were walking miles to access education in Busunu, and he provides free transportation and other facilities for students in the community to travel to Damongo to write their BECE exams. He also provides direct financial support to over hundred students in the Constituency in various tertiary institutions, for the payment of their fees. 

All these interventions, our Member of Parliament undertook and continues to execute way before his election as the Member of Parliament of this Constituency. 

In agriculture, Hon. Abu Jinapor continues to provide fertilizers and pesticides to several farmers in the Constituency, including farmers in our electoral area. Every farming season, for the past five years, our MP, through his Damongo Constituency Farmers Empowerment Programme (DCFEP), engages the services of tractors, to plough for the various farming communities to boost their yield. For instance, this year, five (5) tractors were deployed in several communities across the Constituency, and in the case of Busunu, for a month, these tractors ploughed the farms of various farmers.

In healthcare, Hon. Abu Jinapor has donated an ambulance to the Busunu Health Centre to facilitate healthcare delivery in the Community. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, the contributions of the Hon. MP to the Constituency in general, and Busunu in particular, are uncountable. All these have been done, despite the fact that he is yet to receive any share of the MP’s Common Fund since becoming the Member of Parliament. His works, in fact, goes beyond the Constituency. Ghanaians will attest to his tireless work since he was given the privilege to serve as a Cabinet Minister in President Akufo-Addo’s Government. 

Friends from the media, while we acknowledge the right of any person to express his views and concerns, whether based on facts or not, the resort to violence and rowdy conduct to vent such concerns cannot be encouraged. 

Hon. Jinapor has, for the first time, built an Office for the Member of Parliament for this Constituency, where any constituent who has an issue can present them easily. The use of force and violence is not an option.

As stated earlier, we acknowledge the apology of the section of the youth of Busunu who were involved in this conduct, but it is important to give you and the whole country the true facts so that you can judge for yourselves whether our MP is delivering on his mandate or not. Our MP is one of the hard working legislators in the country and his constituents continue to appreciate him for that. 

The issue of youth unemployment, is systemic, and cannot be solved in a day. But with what we have seen since 2017, we are confident that the Akufo-Addo Government, and Hon. Abu Jinapor will work to create the hundreds and thousands of jobs required to solve this age-old problem. We wish to conclude by stating that people of Damogo Constituency and Busunu continue to have absolute trust and faith in their Member of Parliament who will clinch another decisive victory come 2024. 

Thank you. 

Adoshi John Ndoudu 


Polling station secretary

Story By: Ezekiel Abdul Aziz

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