A group of friends abroad comes to the aid of 18-year old Tamale resident

A group of Dagbon men and women living outside Ghana, have settled the 5,200 Ghana cedis that was demanded by the Tamale Teaching Hospital to perform a critical surgery to save the life of 18 year – old madam Khadijah Sualisu.

Madam Khadijah who is a resident of Lamashegu within the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly was diagnosed with Occipital Hemangioma of Bone/Brain after a scan and a specialist consult. The hospital estimated the total cost of the surgery needed to save her life to be:

Cost of Surgery – GH 2,700 cedis

Medication – GH 2,000 cedis, and

Cost of Lab investigation – GH 500 cedis; arriving at a total cost of GH 5,200 Cedis.

A fund-raising activity was launched by Mr. Abdul Dahim – News Editor at 123 FM and Radio ABC in Tamale. It was through these fund-raising efforts that Mr. Dahim reached out to Mr. Abubakari Sadiq (Zuu Bukali) for help. 

Zuu Bukali was born and raised in Tamale, but currently lives in the United Sates of America. He is not new to benevolent activities in Dagbon and Tamale specifically. With some bad experience dealing with public fund raising, he decided to rely on his trusted friends and acquaintances abroad.

Working with his elder sister and another strong figure who is dying to see the betterment of Dagbon and Tamale in the person Sirina Issah, they started sending messages to people they believe would be able to help. With the help of about 16 friends, the team was able to raise the require amount for the surgery.

The donation was made today at the TTH where representatives of the group (Madam Hawa Zakaria; Mr. Abubakari Abdul Wahid and Jallal Deen Zakaria (Zee Moli)) paid 5,200 Ghana Cedis to the finance department of the Neurosurgical department. The team also donated an undisclosed amount to the family of Madam Khadija to help take care of minor expenses during her stay at the hospital.

In a speech delivered on his behalf by Madam Hawa Zakaria Deishini, Zuu Bukali stressed that every Muslim, no matter where one is located, is a brother or sister to another. It is therefore a challenge to all Muslims to make sure challenges of other Muslims keep them awake in other to achieve a better working society.

Zuu Bukali also pleaded with the people of Tamale and other Muslims to desist from doing and saying things that kill the spirit of those willing to help in anyway to make lives better for others.

He specifically registered his displeasure with the habit of some people who rush to question the integrity of people who are out to use their resources and Good will to help the needy in society.

“Nothing is hurtful than someone calling you a thief just because you are out to help another person in need.” Zuu Bukali Said.

 Finally, he challenged the people to be bold in exposing those who go around creating lies to extort money from benevolent individuals. “Such behavior makes it very difficult to identify people who are actually needy and may lead to a situation where individuals who genuinely need help are denied such help.” Mr. Sadiq continued!

In conclusion, Zuu Bukali on behalf of all the donors prayed for a successful surgery for Madam Khadija, and also thank Mr. Abdul Dahim for bringing the issue out to him for help. He sent special thanks to Germany Dagbambi Naa for the speed at which he embraced the request to help Madam Khadijah when the issue was put to him. May Allah reward everyone who contributed in anyway to make this donation possible!

Source; Zuu Bukali Sadiq Tia

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